ControlCube 200

The ControlCube is the principle cube and brain of any acubez™ configuration, acting as the platform’s first modular cube. The ControlCube has typically three processing units and all interfacing ports required to enable the modularity and seamless connectivity between the connected acubez™ modules.


L600 W200 H950



Auto-kinematic alignment

The ControlCube’s system intuitively recognizes the adjacent manufacturing machine and syncs kinematically

Scale quickly

The ControlCube automatically detects all new cubes added to the configuration for plug-and-play setup and seamless integration of new acubez™ modules expanding the system configuration effortlessly


Acubez™ Patented SIS™

The ControlCube comes standard with integrated auto detection (SIS™ enabled) for easy set-up and seamless operation.

Acubez™ ControlCube
ControlCube 200
L600 W200 H950
System control panel
Wireless 10.4” touch screen panel
Docking Station
acubez touch™ docking and charging
station with integrated E-stop button
Compatible Cube
all acubez™ modules
Self Identification

acubez™ Patented SIS™

Standardized & flexible grippers (EOATs)

The acubez™ grippers offer a wide selection of multi-functional gripping solutions to fit nearly every shape and material used during the automated manufacturing processes.

Grow as you go

With numerous Plug & Play combinations, you can scale up and expand your automation platform to achieve optimal manufacturing productivity with the addition of SIS™️ enabled modular cubes and add-ons.

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