acubez™ Grippers

Standardized & flexible EOATs

The complete line of acubez™ Grippers offers a wide selection of multi-functional gripping solutions to fit nearly every shape and material used during the automated manufacturing processes. The Grippers offer high versatility for automated operations, such as extracting a workpiece from the machine, picking and placing it on the tray for storage, and preparing the finished workpiece for inspection. All Grippers are fully synced with the acubez™ system for immediate use.

Acubez™ Gripper EOAT (End effectors for handling any workpiece)
Acubez™ Single Vacuum Gripper
Single Vacuum Gripper (EOAT)
Integrated sensor and identification port
Six controllable air lines
Precision interface to robot arm adaptor
Standardized and customizable for amorphic shaped parts
Built-in vacuum generator
Acubez™ Dual Vacuum Gripper (EOAT)
Acubez™ Prob EOAT (End effector) for callibration
Dual Vacuum Gripper
For amorphic shaped workpieces
Standardized acubez™ EOAT adapter
Sensitive and optimized for flat-surfaced workpieces, even those which are paper-thin
Designed for precision positioning
Acubez™ Two Finger Single Gripper compatible with UR cobot for loading CNC machine
2 Finger Single Gripper
Standardized precision acubez™ EOAT adapter
Controllable air outlet
Precsion inserts enabling custom adjustments to fit workpiece
Modular finger adaptor for maximizing flexibility
Acubez™ Dual Gripper (End effector), compatible with Universal Robots cobot
Dual Gripper
2 Finger (Right)
3 Finger (Left)
Gripper fingers and inserts for a wide variety of workpieces and gripping positions
Acubez™ Gripper Inserts, End effectors and EOATS