Storage Cube 400/600

The StorageCube provides a pragmatic and progressive vertical storage solution with its capacity to store a high volume of materials and finished workpieces placed on acubez™ standard trays equipped with a standardized placement grid. The StorageCube is compatible with the LiftCube for automated operation.


L400/600 W600 H950



Workpiece height


High volume storage

Flexible storage height for optimized manufacturing flexibility and capacity

Adjustable shelf height

Choose your desired shelf space with max. heights (for full storage) of: 


Acubez™ Patented SIS™

The StorageCube comes standard with integrated auto detection (SIS™ enabled) for easy set-up and seamless operation.

Acubez™ StorageCube 400
Acubez™ StorageCube
StorageCube 400
StorageCube 600
L400 W600 H950
L600 W600 H950
5 / 10
5 / 10
Workpiece Height
110 mm (5 trays)
40 mm (10 trays)
110 mm (5 trays)
40 mm (10 trays)
Compatible Lift
Self Identification
acubez™ Patented SIS™
acubez™ Patented SIS™
- European factory owner, in search of automation solution for laser engraving machine

“We were impressed with the acubez™ 1000, and especially that the LiftCube can automatically pull trays out from the StorageCube, and I immediatly asked for a quote …”

Grow as you go

With numerous Plug & Play combinations, you can scale up and expand your automation platform to achieve optimal manufacturing productivity with the addition of SIS™️ enabled modular cubes and add-ons.