End of arm tooling

acubez™ Grippers

Standardized & flexible EOATs

The complete line of acubez™ Grippers offers a wide selection of multi-functional gripping solutions to fit nearly every shape and material used during the automated manufacturing processes. 

Maximize CNC robot flexibility

The Grippers offer high versatility for automated CNC machine tending, such as loading und unloading a machine, pick and place applications, and preparing the finished workpiece for inspection. Every acubez™ end of arm tooling (EOAT) syncs fully with the system for immediate use, providing a flexible, end-to-end CNC automation solution.

Acubez™ Gripper EOAT (End effectors for handling any workpiece)
Acubez™ Single Vacuum end of arm tooling

Single Vacuum Gripper (EOAT)

Integrated sensor and identification port
Six controllable air lines
Precision interface to cobot arm adaptor
Standardized and customizable for amorphic shaped parts
Built-in vacuum generator
Acubez™ Dual Vacuum Gripper (end of arm tooling)
Acubez™ Prob EOAT (End effector) for callibration

Dual Vacuum Gripper


For amorphic shaped workpieces
Standardized acubez™ EOAT adapter
Sensitive and optimized for flat-surfaced workpieces, even those which are paper-thin
Designed for precision positioning within robotic machine tending process
compatible with automatic acubez™ tool changer
compatible with automatic acubez™ tool changer
Acubez™ Two Finger Single Gripper compatible with UR cobot for automated CNC machine tending

2 Finger Single Gripper

Standardized precision acubez™ EOAT adapter
Controllable air outlet
Precsion inserts for gripper fingers, enabling custom adjustments to fit workpiece
Modular finger adaptor for maximizing gripping flexibility
Acubez™ Dual Gripper (End effector), compatible with Universal Robots cobot

Dual Gripper

2 Finger Gripper (Right)
3 Finger Gripper (Left)

Accessories for Cobot Grippers / End Effectors

Gripper fingers and inserts for a wide variety of workpieces and gripping positions
Acubez™ Gripper Inserts, End effectors and EOATS