End of arm tooling - EOAT

acubez™ Grippers

Maximum Flexibility: Standardized End Effectors & Grippers

The complete product line of acubez™ Grippers offers a wide selection of multi-functional gripping solutions to fit nearly every shape and material used during the automated manufacturing processes, especially pick and place applications for automated machine tending. 

Grippers, which are a typical type of EOAT, offer high versatility for automated CNC machine tending: loading und unloading a machine, pick and place applications, and preparing the finished workpiece for inspection. Every acubez™ end of arm tooling (EOAT) syncs fully with the system for immediate use, providing a flexible, end-to-end CNC automation solution.

Acubez™ End of arm tooling advantages:

Single Grippers

EOAT Gripper: 2-finger, Pneumatic parallel gripper for CNC automation

Pneumatic Parallel Gripper

2-finger gripper

EOAT gripper - 3-finger r obot gripper for automated CNC machine tending

Finger Gripper

3-finger gripper - EOAT

Cobot Arm probe - Single gripper


Probe EOAT

Dual Grippers

The dual grippers are automatically identified when plugged into the cobot arm, maximizing productivity and enabling shorter cycle times for cobot applications. Both sides of the dual gripper can be controlled, whether you need a vacuum gripper, various finger grippers.

acubez™ parallel gripper - for automated lathe

Dual Gripper

3-finger gripper / 3-finger gripper

2 finger dual Gripper (EOAT for CNC automation)

Dual Gripper

2-finger gripper / 2-finger gripper

2 finger Gripper (End effector for UR robot)

Dual Gripper

2-finger gripper / 3-finger gripper

Pneumatic Suction Grippers

The pneumatic acubez™ vacuum grippers are equipped with suction cups and a built-in vacuum generator and capable of handling a wide rande of cobot applications and materials. The standard suction caps come in varios shapes, diameters and materials  to provide maximum flexibility for manufacturers and their custom requirements. The single and dual vacuum grippers are both easy to use and can be installed in just a few minutes with the intuitive and pre-configured automation software – the acubez™ touch.

Pneumatic suction cup Gripper - End of arm tooling gripper

Single Gripper

Suction cup gripper

Acubez™ End of arm tooling with vacuum cups for automation

Single Gripper

Suction gripper

Pneumatic Suction Cup Gripper

Single Gripper

Suction gripper

robot suction gripper - for automated cnc machines, dual EOAT

Dual Gripper

2-finger / vacuum gripper

vacuum gripper - suction cup gripper for robotic end of arm tooling

Dual Gripper

Vacuum Gripper

Automated cobot applications with mechanical grippers (finger grippers, vacuum grippers etc)

Dual Gripper

3-finger / vacuum gripper

Robotic End of arm tooling: 2 finger and vacuum gripper (parallel gripper)

Dual Gripper

3-finger / vacuum gripper

Acubez™ parallel vacuum gripper - CNC automation end effector

Dual Gripper

Vacuum gripper

Automate pick and place applications: finger grippers and vacuum gripper

Dual Gripper

2-finger / vacuum gripper

Automated tool changer, acubez™ GripperCube, holding up to 4 end of arm tooling (probe, vaccum gripper, 2-finger gripper, 3 finger gripper – compatible with UR cobot arm)
The acubez™ end of arm tooling (EOAT) sync fully synced with the acubez™ automation platform and the GripperCube, holding up to four grippers, automatically recognizes each end effector. more…
Acubez™ Robotergreifer mit Einsätzen für Greiffinger - kompatibel mit CNC Tool Changer

Accessories for Cobot Grippers / End Effectors

Gripper fingers and inserts for a wide variety of workpieces and gripping positions
Acubez™ EOAT Gripper Inserts, End effectors