The GripperCube is an innovative and smart gripper holding rack that recognizes and holds up to 4 acubez™ grippers from its wide selection of acubez™ EOATs . The robot tool changer switches quickly and easily between the different end effectors to fit the size and make of raw materials and final workpieces. 

Automatic robot tool changer


L150 W600



End of arm tooling capacity
Up to 4 EOATs
best automation platform for CNC machines

Scale up your automated machine tending

Add more end effectors, such as vaccum grippers, parallel grippers, single grippers or different fingers and inserts to match any workpiece shape for pick and place applications


Acubez™ Patented SIS™

The SIS™ enabled  GripperCube comes standard with integrated auto detection (SIS™ enabled) for easy set-up and seamless operation: the robot tool changer identifies each eoat gripper placed on the rack.

acubez™ Robot Tool Changer holding end effectors
L150 W600
Max. distance from arm base
1100 mm
Min. distance from arm base
300 mm
Max. finger opening*
120 mm
Compatible Cube
with any standard acubez™ module
Self Identification

acubez™ Patented SIS™

*for grippers mounted on the rack

Lathe Automation Simulator

Watch how the fully automated acubez™ 1000+ configuration works seamlessly with a lathe simulator, making automation easy with the acubez™ DoorCube and a Dual Gripper.

Robot Tool Changer

The acubez™ GripperCube can hold up to 4 different types of end-of-arm tooling, all recognized by the automation platform, allowing automatic tool changing during production.

Acubez™ EOAT (Grippers etc.)

The complete line of acubez™ Grippers offers a wide selection of multifunctional gripping solutions to fit nearly every shape and material used during the automated manufacturing processes.

Standardized & flexible grippers (EOATs)

The acubez™ grippers offer a wide selection of multi-functional gripping solutions to fit nearly every shape and material used during the automated manufacturing processes.

Grow as you go

With numerous Plug & Play combinations, you can scale up and expand your automation platform to achieve optimal manufacturing productivity with the addition of SIS™️ enabled modular cubes and add-ons.