Modular CNC Machine Automation

About acubez™

Acubez™ is an automation company founded in 2018 on the bustling floors of a manufacturing plant off the shores of the Mediterranean in Ashdod, Israel. It is a company with decades of high-end manufacturing experience in the world of CNC machining and turnkey solutions for the medical and aerospace industries.

Modular automation made easy

As manufacturers themselves, acubez’s founders struggled to find a CNC machine automation solution for high-mix-low-volume manufacturing that was flexible and didn’t demand the services of an expert programmer with each job change. Their quest to find a solution to the challenges of machine downtime, limited floor space, manpower shortage, and inconsistency of production quality, brought them to create a flexible, modular, and future-proof solution that would be cost-effective for manufacturers like them.

Today, acubez’s talented team of mechanical and automation engineers, software engineers, quality assurance technicians, robotics technicians, and programmers continue to develop and engineer the revolutionary machine tending platform. And, therefore, keeping the acubez™ promise to provide an easy to use end-to-end automation solution for manufacturing processes.

Acubez™ empowers manufacturers to step into the world of automation through customizable machine tending solutions that increase productivity and overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). With this modular automation platform, acubez™ makes automation easy.

Welcome to the world of easy automation. Welcome to acubez™.

Joshua Ulmer, Gründer und Geschäftsführer der acubez™ Automatisierungslösungen

"As a manufacturing company owner with more than 15 years experience in the manufacturing and engineering industry, floorspace was always a challenge. For more than a decade, we struggled to find a flexible automation solution for our High Mix Low Volume manufacturing processes that solved this problem. At the same time, we needed a solution that would be intuitive and easy for our machine operators to set up. To take our production to the next level and be at the forefront of industry 4.0. And that’s when acubez™ came to life.

- Joshua Ulmer,
  Founder & CEO, acubez™

Grow as you go

With numerous Plug & Play combinations, you can scale up and expand your automation platform to achieve optimal manufacturing productivity with the addition of SIS™️ enabled modular cubes and add-ons.