The QaCube is a shelf cube designed to support QA sampling during manufacturing according to the job’s predefined sampling rate and size. The QaCube enables a fully automated process to set aside the required samples once the QA sample area is full it will indicate pickup of samples for inspection.


L200 W600 H300



Maintain workpiece consistency

Maintains a consistent in-process sampling rate and sample size setting aside finished parts for inspection, according to its predefined quality assurance requirement


Acubez™ Patented SIS™

The QACube comes standard with integrated auto detection (SIS™ enabled) for easy set-up and seamless operation.

Acubez™ QA Cube
L200 W600 H300
Max. distance from arm base
1100 mm
Min. distance from arm base
300 mm
Compatible Cube
with any standard acubez™ module
Self Identification

acubez™ Patented SIS™

*excluding covering

Standardized & flexible grippers (EOATs)

The acubez™ grippers offer a wide selection of multi-functional gripping solutions to fit nearly every shape and material used during the automated manufacturing processes.

Grow as you go

With numerous Plug & Play combinations, you can scale up and expand your automation platform to achieve optimal manufacturing productivity with the addition of SIS™️ enabled modular cubes and add-ons.

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