CNC conveyor for automated transport

ConveyorCube 1300/2000

The ConveyerCube is the second dimension of the acubez™ modularity concept. Providing innovative and flexible solutions for automating your manufacturing activity by seamlessly connecting between multiple independent, yet interconnected acubez™ workstations and transporting workpieces between them.

CNC Conveyor Dimensions

L1300-1800* W180 H300

*Net conveyor length, without docking. Incl. dockings on both sides: L1500-2000 

**Conveyor only. Without docking stations



best automation platform for CNC machines

Telescopic extension

Extend or contract the ConveyorCube to fit layout requirements bridging  a wide or narrow gap range for automated transporting between systems

best automation platform for CNC machines

Angled mounting

Resting on rotating enabled mounting pins, the CNC Conveyor (ConveyorCube) may be installed at an angle to allow for greater system layout flexibility


Acubez™ Patented SIS™

The ConveyorCube comes standard with integrated auto detection (SIS™ enabled) for easy set-up and seamless operation.

acubez™ ConveyorCube - automated workpiece transport for manufacturing
ConveyorCube 1300/2000
L1300 - 1800 W180 H300
Extension range
1500 mm - 2000 mm
Start / Stop trigger
sensors* or timing
Self Identification
Acubez™ Patented SIS

*one sensor included 

Lathe Automation Simulator

Watch how the fully automated acubez™ 1000+ configuration works seamlessly with a lathe simulator, making automation easy with the acubez™ DoorCube and a Dual Gripper.

Laser Marking Automation

Case study: view the fully automated acubez™ modular platform, complete with a ConveyorCube, intuitively loading and unloading a LASIT laser marking machine at EMO Milano 2021.

Acubez™ EOAT (Grippers etc.)

The complete line of acubez™ Grippers offers a wide selection of multifunctional gripping solutions to fit nearly every shape and material used during the automated manufacturing processes.

Standardized & flexible grippers (EOATs)

The acubez™ grippers offer a wide selection of multi-functional gripping solutions to fit nearly every shape and material used during the automated manufacturing processes.

Grow as you go

With numerous Plug & Play combinations, you can scale up and expand your automation platform to achieve optimal manufacturing productivity with the addition of SIS™️ enabled modular cubes and add-ons.