SelfLock™ Adaptor 38×11 – LANG 66611

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The acubez™ SelfLock™ device offers the added benefit of externally activating the clamping base on the machine table, eliminating the need for permanent control line connections directly to the clamping base. This key feature proves to be primarily crucial for 5-axis CNC machines lacking through-machine-table control channels option.

By incorporating the currently patent-pending SelfLock™ to the pneumatic clamping base, acubez™ achieves a secure attachment and release of pallets. This efficient and streamlined pallet-loading solution is perfect for machines without automated clamping bases. Experience seamless actuation during the pallet placement process on the clamping base, without the need for any extra robotic arm maneuvers.

Acubez™ ControlCube


Cobot Arm: UR5 / UR10

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Table-GRID 600-R-3x3 size 148x115


Use Cases


Modular Automation Benefits

Unprecedented flexibility

The modular, “LEGO-like” concept of the acubez™ automation solution allows manufacturers to keep up with ever-changing demands! 

ROI: 12-18 months

Maximize your return on investment: automate with lower risk, lower cost, quick deployment, higher productivity and faster ROI 

Plug & Play

Our plug-and-play #automation solution allows any manufacturer to automate their #CNC machines within less than 24 hours,

Intuitive - zero programming

Within minutes any CNC machine operator can set up the automated machine tending processes for accurate operation and highly complex designs and positioning requirements.