Improving workers’ safety and productivity with manufacturing automation

Greater overall productivity and profitability are direct results of the increased manufacturing safety brought by modular automation platforms

How advancements in manufacturing automation are providing greater workplace safety, productivity, and overall profitability A profession in manufacturing can be dangerous. Plant managers and floor staff are required to tend machines and carry out processes that involve complex machinery and large moving parts, leading to tens of thousands of injuries per year throughout the industry. […]

Five benefits of modular automation for manufacturers

Five Benefits of Modular Automation for Manufacturers

How scalable and flexible modular automation is revolutionizing the manufacturing industry As of recent, Industry 4.0 has progressively transformed the methodologies and constructs in which manufacturers approach the core processes of their business. Bringing opportunity to multiple areas of operation, from human resources to profitability, automation continues to break down the barriers of stepping out […]

Hedging against the lack of manpower with automation

Covid-19 has caused significant restraints on domestic and international trade. With massive governmental lockdowns and hindered productivity, manufacturing business owners and managers are struggling to fulfill orders due to a lack of manpower. Omicron has proven to be manufacturers’ most recent threat to company survival and job delivery, compounding the global labor shortage that has […]